Selmani: SDSM proposes solutions that lead to greater partisanship and politicization


The Association of Journalists of Macedonia is not at war with anyone. The problem is that SDSM does not like any of the AJM proposals for real reform of the media system, says the President of the Journalist Union Naser Selmani on a the question on whether a war had begun with the SDSM and AJM and for what reason?
“We propose systemic and sustainable solutions that will relieve the pressure on the media because of political parties and business. We want accountability for attacks on journalists, and a ban on political advertising. It is propaganda being used as a media tool in the hands of politics. We also ask for institutional autonomy of the  public service and a professional media regulator”, said Mr Selmani.
He said that despite their proposal, which essentially requires de-politicization and de-partisanship of the media system, the political parties want to keep control of the media.

“The proposals of SDSM which offers the government and the opposition to divide the seats in the Council of the Agency for Media and Programming of MRT is absurd, because that leads to greater partisanship and politicization of the MRT and media regulator. Thus does not exist in other European countries. We remain with our request to be included in the talks. When the parties agree to include journalists in the talks, we will be ready to participate in the process “, said Naser Selami for “Meta”

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