Sela is against the name of “Gorna Makedonija” without a translation

The President of the Alliance of the Albanians, Zijadin Sela, has asked that the opposition parties and the parties of the Albanians be included in the negotiations.

-We, the Alliance of the Albanians, are against the tendencies for Slav influences on the name. As we said, we are opposing the Slavic name of Macedonia we are against the proposal that is wandering through diplomatic circles, where the idea is to use names with a geographic heading that are written in Macedonian such as “Gorna Makedonija.” We are against this since this is a tendency for Slavic influences and adoption of the name – said Sela.

The Forum of Albanian intellectuals in Macedonia has sent a letter to the international institutions and the mediator Matthew Nimetz, demanding that the proposal “Gorna Makedonija” without a translation, be rejected as unacceptable ” because it excludes the Albanians and the second biggest community in the country.”

Otherwise, the proposal “Gorna Makedonija,” written without a translation, is the favorite option for the Greek media.