Hundreds of people protested today in downtown Skopje against obstructions being inflicted on the Special Prosecutor’s Office and against the imprisonment of Albanians by order of the current government.

The protest, organized by the Movement for Reforms in the DPA, the Association of former political prisoners and persecuted Albanians in Macedonia, the Organization of War Veterans of the KLA and other civil society organizations began at Bit Pazaar market and ended in front of Parliament.

The protest procession was headed by the leader of the Movement for Reform in the DPA, who is also the Mayor of Struga, Zijadin Sela, and with protesters carrying a large Albanian flag they marched and there were chants of, “Ali traitor,” “Who doesn’t come out, isn’t Albanian ,” and “KLA” .

Zijadin Cela told citizens gathered before Parliament said that they are here “for democracy, but not for business-democracy.”

“We are here because its Macedonia and it is Albanian. We are protesting about the fabricated cases against Albanians. We support the work of the Special Prosecutor’s Office. And we demand accountability from all those who have harmed this state and it’s people”, said Sela.

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