The meeting of the Committee on Education, which was to discuss the proposed amendments to the Law on primary, secondary and higher education after the first reading at the Assembly was taken off the agenda. Unofficially, we learned that the session is suspended for 24 hours to give an opportunity for new proposals.
In addition, Committee of Labor and Social Policy, Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, as well as the Legislative Committee will have sessions today.
Amendments to the Law on the protection of children are on the agenda of the Committee on Labor and Social Policy.
Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management will discuss the draft law amending the Law on protection of plants in the second reading, and the amendments to the Law on agriculture and rural development in the first reading.
Legislative Committee will discuss on the proposed legislation that is on the agenda of the other two parliamentary committees, as well as on several requests for an authentic interpretation of sections of specific laws.