SDSM: Bogov confirms VMRO-DPMNE’s catastrophic economic policies

“Today, even the governor of the National Bank, Dimitar Bogov who during his mandate has kep quiet towards the policies of the government led by VMRo-DPMNE, by revising the rate of economic growth of 2.5 percent has confirmed the catastrophic economic moves of the previous government that are destroying the economy” said SDSM’s announcement regarding the decrease of the projection of an economic growth from 3,5 to 2.5 percent by NBRM.

SDSM said that @the new economic policies of the economic government will start to be implemented very soon”.

“The improvement of the destroyed economy will start through a series of measures that include an increase of the minimal wage and through the support of the economy. The political crisis in Macedonia is ending, the citizens will soon receive a new and responsible government that will carry out responsible economic policies that would contribute to the economic growth which would benefit all of the citizens and the economy” said the announcement.