Russian Foreign Ministry: An aggressive minority are preparing a “Colour Revolution” in Macedonia


An aggressive minority paid from outside the country, who have a well-planned scheme are preparing a new “coloured revolution”, this time in Macedonia, said today at a press briefing the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Marija Zakharova.

Ms Zakharova made this remark when speaking in about the recent protests in Belgrade, which she says were organized by various NGOs with financial support coming from outside the country.

“Generally, we can claim it is a deeply rooted practice, for outside countries to interfere in the internal affairs in regions across the Balkans. Through a well thought out scheme, an aggressive minority paid externally will engage with people on the ground and prepare the country for the start of another “coloured revolution”, this time in Macedonia”, Zakharova said.

As for the protests in Belgrade, she said that according to material published by the Serbian media, American diplomats were observed attending such events.

“The protests were directed against the country’s leadership. Let me remind you that we are discussing a sovereign country. It is important to emphasize that the direct organizers of these events and activities were various NGO’s and organizations financed from abroad. However, It seems that the foreign sponsors, for some reason, did not trust the activists from the Serbian civil society organizations, and that is why US diplomats have been directly overseeing the spending of allocated funds … Citizens of Serbia showed everyone who they supported in the elections held on April 24 of this year, and a coalition led by prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic won with an absolute majority in Parliament”, said Zakharova.

The term “colored revolution” is derived and is connected with the events which took place in Ukraine at the end of 2004 and during 2005, namely, the “Orange Revolution”, after mass street demonstrations against the leadership , pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych was deposed.

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