Rashkovski: The Government will do everything in its power for the Super Cup to be held in Skopje


The Government will do everything in its power to remove the objections posted by UEFA and the finals of the European Super Cup to be organized in Skopje, said today the Government’s General Secretary, Dragi Rashkovski.

-The Government wants to promote the Republic of Macedonia to be seen in the best light and despite all of the obstacles that are made internally by certain structures, the Super Cup will happen in Skopje. We have had the opportunity to get the organizational part of the Super Cup and what was sent to FFM and PUIG as objections and information i.e. the Holding company for building and managing with housing and business estate we shall solve them on time – said Rashkovski, saying further that everything has to be finished by 21st of July because on the 23rd of July a final control will arrive to decide whether the Super Cup will be held in Skopje.

Rashkovski stressed that UEFA’s objections regarding the condition of the “Philip II” Arena in Skopje were noted in all of the reports dated starting from September 2015 and that these objections were stated in the last report that was sent to FFM on the 15th of June this year. He also said that FFM has kept the report for seven days before sending it to the government. According to Rashkovski, by keeping the report secret, FFM is not only causing damage to the current Government but the hotel industry, the restaurants, and the country’s reputation.

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