Фото: Ванчо Џамбаски

With a banner “Failure to act is complicity” and citizens dressed in black as a sign of revolt, the protest march of the Platform for gender equality in the case of “Public Room” started with protestors gathered in front of the main entrance at the Ministry of Interior and ended at the Žena Borec park (Women Fighter Park).

“In the name of the humiliated, molested, intimidated, exiled, and murdered girls and women we are issuing the following sentence: All of those who have the power, responsibility and resources to provide dignity, justice, security, and protection of personal safety and lives of girls and women and fail to provide that are guilty of being accomplices in a crime,” the members of the Platform stated.

They declared as guilty  those that are authorized to discover, prevent, pursue, and imprison the abusers and fail to do so. Also, they accused those who are authorized, obliged, and paid to provide support for the victims but fail to do so. As the members of the Platform have said, by failing to act they have assisted in crime’s upkeep and have caused damage by doing so.

“The following bans are issued to the perpetrators: ban for being idle, ignoring, inhumane behavior and accusations of victims. A ban for tolerating cover-ups and justification of crimes. Ban for acting on basis of their own convictions and opinions. The perpetrators are obliged to justify their positions and to earn their salaries. Clear rules must be introduced and they should hire professionals that we shall trust them they will put an end to violence against women. Or, control and imprisonment for abusers, and the women victims of violence – timely and qualitative services and support” stated the Platform.

They told once again the Interior Ministry and the Basic Public Prosecution (OJO) that they will not accept these institutions blaming responsibility but are insisting on all-encompassing, efficient results that denotes prosecution for the perpetrators in the “Javna soba” (Public Room) case and the adult victims in this case, and not only for the “production and distribution of child pornography.” They insist on prosecution for the following acts: misuse of personal data, mediation in prostitution, jeopardizing the security or spreading racist and xenophobic material by computer systems depending on the circumstances in the case.

Previously, this Platform held  one press conference  in front of the Basic Public Prosecution and  one in front of the Interior Ministry from where they stated they will not stop addressing the issue of saving the “Public Room” case.

Today, the Basic Public Prosecution announced that the investigation in the Public Room case is in its final phase, while for “Public Room 2” there are preliminary criminal investigations started by several prosecutions.