Фото: Принтскрин од Јутуб видео од емисијата „Минута до 12“

After actress Danijela Štajnfeld’s claim announced that she was a victim of sexual harassment by her colleague actor, director, and former minister of culture of Serbia, Branislav Lečić, the journalist Hristina Stoiljković went forward with similar claim.

Stoiljković claims that she has met Lečić during the “One minute until 12 o’clock“, and later Branislav began prowling on her.

On her Twitter profile, Stoiljković shared the messages she received from Lečić.

“Firstly, Lečić positions himself as if he is honoring you by liking you. And then this is followed by a bunch of messages and phone calls on a daily basis. It didn’t bring him down that for weeks all of his calls and messages remained without replies,” wrote Stoiljković