Memorial occasion marks the anniversary of the protest for Kezarovski

Dozens of journalists and citizens gathered today in front of the Museum of Revolutionary Struggle, to mark the anniversary of the protest when journalist Tomislav Kezarovski was arrested. The Kezarovski family also attended the the gathering for the anniversary.

The initiative to mark this day was Tomislav Kezarovski himself. On his profile on the social network “Facebook”, he wrote that he wanted to thank his colleagues who supported him while he was in custody.

“I came here today, for me this is a sacred place to express my sincere thanks to all my colleagues and all supporters of the freedom of speech, which on this day two years ago, we raised our voices against the decision of the court of the four-and-half-year sentence just for a for a written text. Then I was not able to be with you. I was in prison. I was not even able to attend last year when we marked one year of the event, as I was under house arrest. So now, on this day, I am here where police raised their hands at journalists, where police raised their hand at the open minded man, where someone wanted to silence the people”, said Tomislav Kezarovski.