The analysis published by the Digital Diplomacy blog shows that the North Macedonia Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ official profiles in the social networks have the best diplomatic activity and communication qualities among many countries in the region. With skillful communication of its diplomacy and their diplomatic activities, they deserve to be ranked the highest among all ranked subjects in the countries of former Yugoslavia.

Nikola Dimtrov’s printscreen with the received recognition

The analysis points out that what is also ranked are the social networks’ communication skills, including the content quality, and its far reach. Regarding this, especially during the mandate of former Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, “Digital Diplomacy” has stressed the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s and FM’ Nikola Dimtriov’s profiles.

“The messages were created in such a manner that they clearly indicate real events, there aren’t any boring photographs of handshakes during official receptions, there aren’t any classical announcements in the manner of official media, and on first glance, the presence of clear communication strategy is evident. The professionalism and, beyond the regional frame, the excellent applying of digital diplomacy has won our sympathies,” stressed the Digital Diplomacy blog in its analysis.

“We would like to stress the Twitter profile by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Republic of North Macedonia during the Nikola Dimitrov’s mandate, which received recognition as the best administered regional profile #digitalnadiplomatija during the observed period” stressed the Digital Analysis blog.

The analysis encompasses the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and YouTube.