Muhić: Zaev asked me to become an MP, I only ask that I remain independent


“Zoran Zaev, the SDSM leader invited me to be a candidate for MP. I only ask that I remain independent, to which he agreed, and low and behold, my name made the list”, said Professor Ferid Muhić to “Meta”, who is believed to have an extremely good chance to become a future Member of Parliament, and whose candidacy caused many reactions on social media.

The professor says that the reactions he received were full of positive comments, and he has been receiving them constantly.

“I have been constantly receiving messages of support from Skopje, Tetovo, Bitola, Debar, Ohrid….. I heard that there has been quite a reaction to the news of my candidacy, however I have not questioned anyone’s integrity so I do not believe anyone can question mine”, said Professor Muhić .

“What I can say is that anyone who thinks the opposite, are child murderers. One cannot change their opinion and views easily. I still stand behind my opinion”, said Muhić.

Yesterday, the SDSM announced their lists of MPs, which included names of politicians, civil activists and professors. Some names have been debated in the media today. The opposition, for now have no comment to the negative reactions regarding their choice of candidates.

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