Monuments will have inserts with explanations, anthem remains the same, says Government


State institutions, meaning all those financed by the state, will have to adapt and follow the spirit of the agreement with Greece, said government spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski while answering questions of possible changes to the names of institutions ARM, MANU, MRT, MNT.

He revealed that the meeting between the two prime ministers Zoran Zaev and Alexis Tsipras will take place this weekend. Regarding the information on new names or relocation of the monuments from the “Skopje 2014” project, Bosnjakovski said that the monuments will remain where they are and will represent a symbol of friendship.

“There will be an insert on the monuments offering an explanation. For example, the Warrior on a Horse will be called a monument Alexander the Great, explaining that he is a symbol of the Hellenic ancient period and remains a symbol of the friendship between Macedonia and Greece. The same will apply to the monument of Philip II and Olympia. All monuments will be marked with the aim of strengthening friendship. We are not ashamed to call the monuments as they are”, says Bosnjakovski.

He explained that the basis of the agreement is how Greece interprets and understands the term Macedonia.

He said there is no reason for concern, because citizens will not have to change their travel documents immediately but after the expiration of their term.

The government spokesman went on to explain that the state symbols were not part of the negotiation process and that the national anthem, flag, coat of arms and other symbols did not change, adding that the agreement will be published after it has been reviewed and adopted at a government session.

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