Mogherini asks for responsibility, vision, pragmatism and courage in her address to Parliament


When I think about the situation of this house a year ago, I can conclude that you have come a long way. The good news is that you are back on the path, you have overcome the worst political and institutional crisis and this is a great achievement to be proud of.

This was stressed by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Policy, Federica Mogherini, in her address to MPs in Parliament.

She added that a clear recommendation to start negotiations is an achievement not only of the government, but also of all institutions, the president, the parliament, the opposition, all parties, local authorities, civil society and the determination of citizens.

Mogerini stressed that the recommendation means that Brussels has recognized the achievements, but that more unity, more efforts and work will be needed in the future that will be appreciated again.

“You share the resposnability to care for the future of your citizens and the future of the country. The government has the responsibility to involve the opposition, and the opposition has the responsibility to make a contribution. You have an obligation to identify the national priorities that will be priorities for all citizens and you have an obligation to cooperate these priorities. There is no risk of losing anything in the country; what you can lose is not getting results. Your citizens are asking to unite in order to achieve these goals”, said Mogherini.

The EU High Representative expressed her satisfaction that the opposition returned to Parliament and added that the reforms that were adopted should be implemented, maintained and deepened. According to her, the government has taken good steps to deepen bilateral relations and expressed the hope that the talks with Greece will be finally resolved.

“Responsibility, vision, pragmatism and courage are and will be needed. It’s time to start running, running together, running with each other and with your neighbors and I’m convinced that with such a race you will get far”, added Mogherini.

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