MESO: SONK erred in terminating the strike


The multi-ethnic education trade union (MESO) believes that the leadership of SONK made a mistake by breaking the strike and thus preventing the resolution of many issues in education.

MESO assessed results of the negotiations between the Ministry of Education and Science and SONK about rewarding and penalizing teachers based on the results of external testing as insufficient and incomplete.

“We want to inform the public that agreement worse than what previously was a legal obligation of the Ministry was reached for the part of remuneration of teachers. That is, with apparent success, the rights of teachers are decreasing, not increasing. According to the information published by Ministry of Education and Science, the best ranked teachers in the next nine months will receive a 10 percent higher salary. We want to remind that the legal provisions that were in force before September 2014, when SONK announced strike, predicted increase of the salary for the next year to 15 percent of the salary received for 20 percent of teachers who have minor deviations (Article 97 the Law on Primary Education and Article 70-a of the Law on Secondary Education), meaning that rather an increase in salary over 12 months, now it is agreed a rise of 9 months and instead of the increase to be 15 percent, it was agreed in to be 10 percent,” announced the multi-ethnic education trade union.

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