“Kathimerini”: Macedonia have started building a fence on the border with Greece


According to the Greek newspaper “Kathimerini”, Macedonia has began rising fences on the border with Greece to deal with the waves of refugees and migrants flowing into the country who are focused on getting to Central Europe.

Macedonia’s Security Council assessed the possibility of raising a fence on the border with Greece within the the time of a weekend however, only if the influx of migrants does not reduce in numbers, therefore an order would be issued to immediately begin preparations on the ground.

“The Security Council stresses that the building of a fence would not be aimed at closing the border, but to channel and limit the flow of people, in accordance with the number of migrants European countries are willing to accept,” said the statement.

But according to Kristos Gutenudis, the Mayor of Kilkis, a small town near the border with Macedonia, argues that construction of the fence has already begun.

“The machines have already started working on the other side of the border”, said Majoy Gutenudis.
The fence will be placed opposite the small town of Idomeni and the river bank of the river Vardar at a length of 1.5 kilometres.

It states that the Macedonian authorities are rushing to out the fence up before the northern countries close their borders. Hungary and Slovenia have already set up a fence on their border with Croatia, while Zagreb has officially threatened to build a fence on their border with Serbia.

Greek media have reported that on Tuesday at the border, 4,600 refugees and migrants had gathered, and on Wednesday approximately 5,000 people had arrived.

According to the MOI, in the last 24 hours 3,458 refugees and migrants have entered Macedonia, of which are:1 638 are Syrian, 860 are Afghans, and 478 are Iraqi. Others have arrived also, but in much smaller numbers.

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