In the last day and night, 3.256 foreign nationals were granted certificates for ‘expressed intention to seek asylum’. Out of the total 3.256, 1.126 are male, 766 are female and 1,364 are children accompanied by an adult with a certificate.

The MOI reports that, 1.516 of the migrants are citizens from Syria, 904 are citizens from Iraq, and 836 are citizens from Afghanistan.

From the beginning of this year, it has been confirmed that certificates have been issued to a total of 63.402 foreign nationals, of which 25.946 are male, 13.639 female and 23.703 are children, again accompanied by an adult with a certificate. Another 114 children travelling without a parent also received this type of confirmation. Most citizens from the beginning of this year are from war-torn Syria, a total of 30.932, from Afghanistan 20.005 citizens and from Iraq 12.462 citizens.