IDSC: The “3-6-9” plan is inadequately sequenced and number three from the plan is incomplete


Despite what the government has said that part “3” from the “3-6-9” plan has been completely accomplished, the activities that were planned for the first three months from the reformatory plan are just partially accomplished. Also, the plan has an inadequate sequence of priorities, so some of the more important ones are placed lower in the ranks of importance, said the Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis” which presented its first report about the first part of the government’s plan.

Out of 73 stated activities that have to be accomplished during the first three months, 41 % has been accomplished completely, while 16 % has been accomplished partially, and 14% remains unaccomplished. Also, 29% of the activities are evaluated as immeasurable since its either the government’s regular operations or there aren’t any authentic sources according to which whether they were accomplished or are just activities that cannot be measured clearly.

The government also has an inadequate ranking of priorities, so instead of ranking it on the 8th spot, the judiciary reforms should be on the first, mentioned Marko Troshanovski from “Societas Civilis” during the presentation of the report. According to him, second on the list of priorities should be the reform of the public administration, and then the necessary activities of the intelligence services.

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