After a few glasses of rakija, a bizarre argument took place in the village of Makovo, where an 80 year old man was beaten to death by a 53 year old man with a criminal record. The beating took place after the elderly man praised the work of Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, and expressed his pleasure of the prosecution of former ministers from the VMRO-DPMNE, Gordana Jankuolska and Mile Janakieski.

This was the reason why the suspect had attacked the elderly man, say unofficial sources from the police department.

The 80 year old man, a resident of the village Makovo, was yesterday beaten to death, even though he was immediately taken to the hospital and transferred to the department of anaesthesia, resuscitation and intensive care, he soon died from his injuries.

The Police in Bitola have confirmed that they have apprehended the suspect, and await further details from the tragic event.

The case was reported at 13:30, when the elderly man with serious bodily injuries was transported to the Bitola hospital, however, despite the quick response from doctors, the man soon died.

“The patient was brought to us with serious injuries which were life threatening, he was taken to intensive care and placed on a breathing machine, but only for 30 minutes, because of his serious injuries, he soon died”, said Jagoda Stojanovska, a spokeswoman for the Bitola Clinical Hospital.