This moment is not good for snap parliamentary elections, but for finding a solution that would help to implement the Prespa Agreement at the Parliament, concluded DUI’s Central Presidental Board last night, informs the party.

-DUI’s initial message to all political parties and citizens in Macedonia is that we are standing at a historical moment when a unity and interethnic relations, and even more inner ethnic, and intra-ethnic within the communities, is important in order to face and successfully overcome one of the greatest challenges that the country is facing with. In this moment, we are creating a new history, a new chapter for the state where the peace, stability and the economic wellfare will be guarateed not only for us bit for the region as well – said the Vice Premier for European Affairs and DUI’s spokesperson, Bujar Osmani.

The presidential board at a session in Mala Recica has concluded that potential election would disrupt the dynamics of the implementation of the Prespa Agreement, which can cause a serious blockade of Macedonia’s accession processes into NATO and EU.

DUI appeals to remaining political parties to work on the creation of condition for implementation of the Agreement with Greece.

“DUI thinks that the signed and ratified Agreement is a n international obligation on part of the state and in that direction it greets the messages issued by our international friends such as USA, the EU, and the countries members of the Union that have unenivocally call the Parliament to accomplish the obligation for the implementation of the Prespa Agreement” said the party’s press release.

DUI’s Presidency is stressing that 650.000 citizens took part in the referendum where over 90% or 610.000 citiens have stated pozitively which clearly refelcts the will of the country’s accession into NATO and EU and for the acceptance of the Prespa Agreement.