Dr. Panovski: The school year should start with blend model, both online and with physical attendance


It’s a risk to start the new school year with physical attendance since there are a lot of people who weren’t vaccinated, said Dr. Nikola Panovski. He considers that if a more serious issue happens to one child chaos will ensue in North Macedonia since the situation is very sensitive. According to him, a blended education process will have to be allowed since there are too many pupils in one classroom that will find it difficult to maintain the distance and to obey the protocols.

“Maybe combined classroom should have beenallowed, both with physical attendance and online. The things will depend on the strategy, but obviously, there isn’t any strategy. In Sweden, they had a strategy and they let the children at school so they could get infected. This is why they weren’t wearing any masks and still, they didn’t have any deaths. Yet, it is a country with 10 million people. When a child gets sick there, it remains at home, and the others still attend school. In our country chaos will ensue, a child will get sick and the whole classroom will be quarantined,” Panovski says.

According to him, the health authorities knew there will be a census, elections, school year, and this is why they shouldn’t have allowed weddings and celebrations.

“But, this is our reality,” Panovski concluded.

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