Dimovski: We will vote for the declaration, but not for the conclusions from the “3-6-9” plan


The coordinator of one of the ten parliamentary groups of VMRO-DPMNE, Ilija Dimovski, at a session of the Committee on European Affairs, said that the party would support the declaration for speeding up the reform and integration processes, but not the conclusions. He also asked that in the declaration, they insert a point that would require the respect and acknowledgement of the International Court of Justice’s judgment in the Hague in the Euro-Atlantic integration of the country.

Dimovski said that the government’s plan “3-6-9” is not much different from the plans the previous government made after every report by the European Commission, but unlike now, the previous government included the opposition and other parties in the drafting of the plans.

“Because the composition of this government has ministers from the previous composition, they can teach you”, said Dimovski, adding that they will support part of the government’s plan, that is, everything that benefits the citizens.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said that the “3-6-9” plan represents a real perspective for Euro-Atlantic integrations of the Republic of Macedonia, but also for improving the lives of the citizens.

“We do not ask that the opposition accepts everything, just to give ideas and be constructive, and the ruling party to accept positive proposals from the opposition. It is in everyone’s interest”, said Zaev.

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