Create value not just profit, Dresen said at the first Forum of good companies


Today, the first forum of good companies was held on the topic, “Transformation of society through businesses”, which was attended by representatives of companies, NGOs, policymakers and implementers of policies.

The guest at the forum was the Dutch entrepreneur and founder of the “Good Hospitality Group”, Marten Dresen, who shared his experiences of the creation “Good Hotel”, a floating structure which attracts thousands of tourists, especially those who understand their role in creating opportunities for people on the margins.

“In social business as the “Good Hotel,” the emphasis is on people and the creation of values, it’s not just about profit. Focus on the people, try to motivate them, to keep them and that will show results in the end. The best case scenario is when you achieve good balance, profit and value of the human factor”, said Dresen.

Dutch Ambassador Wouter Plomp said the forum is an event which should give rise to new ideas for solving social inequalities and challenges.

“The Netherlands is a longtime friend of Macedonia, and in the past 20 years we support and work with many civil organizations and companies. We strongly believe in the ‘1 plus 1 can be 3 “and hence the motivation to bring these two sectors together today, because challenges on a national and global level can not be addressed with only one sector and because we believe that synergies can be the engine of positive change and progress in society”, said Ambassador Plomp.

The forum was organized by the Association for Research, Communication and Development “Public” and the Netherlands Embassy in Macedonia.

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