The State Election Commission has published the financial reports of the political parties from the beginning of the election campaign until the November 30th, that the parties, according to the deadline, submitted yesterday to the SEC, the State Auditor and the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (DKSK).

From the parties’ reports, the most interesting one is the financial report from the ruling VMRO-DPMNE, which accounts for the period between 21st to the 30th of November, 2016, and according to which, the party has far larger costs than the revenues they reported. Apart from VMRO-DPMNE, four more parties have negative balances or uncovered expenses.

According to the report, VMRO-DPMNE reported revenue of a total of 7.431.579 denars, while total expenditures are six times larger and are actually 43.961.384 denars which means that the ruling party has uncovered expenditures of totaling 36.626.805 denars.That is the difference between reported revenue and reported expenditures.

The ruling party, according to the report, reported that all their income are from donations and the amount of income from other sources is a total of zero denars.

The most amount of money from donations, which is the only income the VMRO-DPMNE reported, the party spent on advertising and media propaganda – 28.381.279 denars, transportation services – 3.382.500 denars, accounting services – 30.750 denars, copying, printing and publishing pre-election materials – 7.219.759 denars, renting offices and equipment – 3.043.576 denars and for other services – 1.903.520 denars.

The biggest opposition party, the SDSM with its coalition partners have reported total revenues of 32.922.717 denars. Of that sum, 9,581,017 denars were donations and 23,341,700 denars were from other sources of funding or membership fees.

The total expenditures, according to the SDSM’s report amounted up to 19.683.894 denars. All of the money from the donations i.e. the 9.581.017 denars, according to SDSM, were spent on advertising and media propaganda, while the revenue from membership fees, the opposition party spent 10.102.877 denars. Most of it was spent on advertising and propaganda – 8.195.252 denars, renting offices and equipment – 1.712.475 denars, payment transactions commission – 10.763 denars, legal and judicial services – 600 denars and 1.180 denars on other services.

According to the report, SDSM’s balance is positive with 13.238.823 denars, to be more specific, the opposition party has spent the less money out of the gathered revenues from donations and other sources of finances.

Regarding the parties from the Albanian parties, the Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA) has reported donations in the amount of 602.000 denars, and it hasn’t reported revenues from other sources. Out of this sum, the party has spent 362.266 denars on advertising and media propaganda, for renting offices and equipment – 70.800 denars, for payment transactions commission – 774 denars i.e. the DPA’s total revenue, according to their report, is 433.840 denars, and the difference in income and expenditure was positive, 168,161 denars

The ruling Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) in its report however, stated that it has a total revenue in donations of 6.880.750 denars and 1 million denars in remaining revenues. For advertising and for propaganda, Ali Ahmeti’s party spent 4.715.050 denars, for intellectual services – 618.000 denars, and for payment transaction commissions- 1.045 denars.

DUI’s total expenditures amounted to 5.336.095 denars i.e. the party has a positive difference between revenues and expenditures of 2.544.655 denars.

Otherwise, the Democratic Bosnian party in its report has not submitted the amounts of revenues and expenditures.

The Coalition for Change and Justice – Third block has reported total revenues of 1.448.300 denars and total expenditures of 1.559.635 denars i.e. this coalition has uncovered expenditures of 111.335 denars.

The Party for Democratic Prosperity (PDP) hasn’t reported any revenues, but it has reported expenditures in the amount of 262.761 denars, that are uncovered.

The Liberal party has had total revenues in amount of 436.000 denars, and total expenditures in amount of 477.811 denars , which means that the party has uncovered expenses 41 811 denars.

Besa has reported total revenues in an amount of 4.153.750 denars , and it has had total expenditures in amount of 4.725.217 denars, which is a negative balance of 571.467 denars.