Carovska has received only two objections concerning the strategy with the refugees

Only two objections were received at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy today when the deadline ends when the organizations or the citizens can provide proposals or objections about the draft-strategy for integration for refugees and foreigners 2017-2027 and about the proposed national action plan for integration of refugees 2017-2027.

As was confirmed for Meta by the Ministry, one of the reactions addressed the application form and it features precise and constructive suggestions. It was sent by the Center for investigating and creating policies, and the second reaction was a letter by the mayor of Gazi Baba municipality, in which he stated criticism towards the proposed strategy.

The reaction is minimal, even though in the media and the general public, including the social networks, both documents were intensively criticized as an intent by the state to “be filled in with migrants and to be provided with lodgings, jobs, and citizenships.”

The action plan predicts, starting from this year, to increase the scope of apartments for socially weak categories for the accommodation of refugees and to seek alternative models. Among other things, it is planned, during this year parcels of state property to be identified and secured for investments in apartments for socially weak categories. It is expected that “at least 100 units – locations to become available.”