Banks are not permitted to use the advance payment for floods for unpaid bills or other debts


Families in the flooded areas of the country, are claiming using social media that they had received less than the 30.000 denars, of the government’s advance financial aid because allegedly some banks are taking money owed to them for frozen accounts, unpaid bills or loan installments.

Even though some of the banks “Meta” have contacted claimed that some of the financial aid for the families affected by the floods first had gone to settle their debts, but the Ministry of Finance said that this was not possible.

Banks are not permitted to take any of these funds, because the Ministry of Finance has signed a special and separate agreement concerning the method of payment of the advance aid to people most affected by the floods.

“For those individuals who have frozen accounts, we have a special method of payment in accordance with the Law on payment. We are using specifically planned means so that the assistance will reach those who are most in need”, says the Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski.

The banks “Meta” contacted informed us that these funds can not be withdrawn from bank accounts to pay any debts because the advance financial aid was paid in cash.

“The payment of the advance assistance for citizens from the flooded areas has been paid to the banks in cash, and in accordance with a list previously obtained by the Ministry of Finance concerning the identity of the registered citizens. This method of payment is to prevent the withdrawal of the funds for those individuals with frozen accounts. Then citizens, if they wish, can transfer the money to a current account”, said the Director of Payment Systems Igor Davcevski from the NLB Bank to “Meta”.

He also added that the banks have signed a contract with the Ministry of Finance which dictates how they will manage the advance payment for damages during this time.

The Ministry of Finance informed the citizens that to receive funds they should submit their name and the name of the bank in which they wish such funds to be paid into.

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