Today, France is in mourning after the terror attack, said French Ambassador Laurence Auer at the French Embassy after last night’s shocking attack in Nice.

“Today everyone stands with France. Many are still searching for their loved ones”, said Auer.

The French Ambassador said she was in contact with the Macedonian Embassy in Paris and that there is still no information whether there are any Macedonian nationals among the dead or injured.

“We have been in contact with the Embassy in Paris, however, there have been no reports of any injured Macedonian citizens. However, hospitals are full and they are still identifying many of the victims”, said Auer, adding that a hotline has been set-up so people can stay informed and keep updated.

The French Embassy in Skopje on Monday will have a book of condolence where people can go from 10:00-13:00 until Wednesday and leave their thoughts and commiserations.