Survey: 83.7% of the youth want to leave Macedonia


A high 83.7% of young people in Macedonia want to move out of the country. Two-thirds of them, which is 52.4%, want to move to one of the western European countries, almost 12% want to go the US and Canada, and 10.3% want to move to one of the Scandinavian countries.

This survey was done by the NGO InfoCentre who are in partnership with the Macedonian Centre for European Training (MCET), the “September 8” association and the Centre for Media Development. It was conducted in the period of November 2015 – January 2016, among 503 respondents aged 20 to 35 in all eight regions of Macedonia (Skopje, Vardar, East, North-East, Pelagonia, Poloshki, South-West and the South-East).

The survey shows that 63.4% of the respondents are not satisfied with employment, health services, education, infrastructure, and the environment in the communities in which they live in. The most dissatisfied are the youth of the Pelagonija Region, which is 51.7% and those from the North-East region which is 40.4%.

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