In an interview with Greek national television ERT, Zaev noted that are three proposed dates for the referendum – 23rd of September, 30th of September, or 7th of October.

He expressed confidence that the referendum will be successful and that citizens will respond positively, and because it is of a binding character, it will have to be accepted by everyone, even by President Ivanov.

“I am convinced that the people will vote “for” the agreement with Greece, because the ballot question is likely to be “Are you for the European Union and NATO therefore support the agreement with Greece?” It will probably be of that nature, because one is related with the other, and from this aspect when citizens cast their vote, politicians, the government, Parliament and the president of the state are obliged to respect it. Or, maybe the question will be “Are you for the European Union and NATO thereby supporting the name Republic of Northern Macedonia?”, because that is the agreement. I believe that the citizens will vote “for”, said Zaev in an interview with Greek television.

The Macedonian Prime Minister said that proof that the agreement is fair and honorable and is positive, is that both oppositions in Macedonia and Greece have an analytical view for the solution, which means that both sides have given up equally or have received equally.