After the beatings, journalists are now being spat on in public and on social networks


After the physical assault on a journalist and cameraman from the web portal “A1on”, virtual attacks on journalists on social networks have increased, but, also, attempts to intimidate prominent critics of the current government VMRO-DPMNE.

The battle of intolerance has heated up between the ‘patriots’ and the ‘traitors’.

All those who do not agree with the views and the actions of VMRO-DPMNE are labeled as “Sorosoids” who “want to destroy the country”.

The last case when a journalist was attacked because he had different ideas from the government happened just yesterday, in a Skopje restaurant, where the editor of the web portal “Nova”, Borjan Jovanovski was spat at in his face and called a “traitor” by a young boy.

“I was having lunch with my friend and colleague Atanas Kirovski. Unexpectedly, a young boy approached our table, I could see he still hadn’t grown a beard. Probably underage. He addressed me with the word “Traitor!” I asked him whether he knew what he was talking about, and he spat in my face and left. This child had been abused. The man who ordered this attack is known to me, because he was present at the time in the Vodenica restaurant. The message had been received. The man who inspired this attack is also well known. Milenko Nedelkovski. I’ll be brief: both of you will be held responsible, and you will not manage to dissuade me from my patriotism and love towards a democratic and European Macedonia”, said Borjan Jovanovski’s post on “Facebook”.

Once Jovanovski described the incident on “Facebook”, a series of comments poured in, and Milenko Nedelkovski joined in and shared a video of the incident and even congratulated those who attacked Jovanovski, who he calls a “nit”.

Milenko wrote underneath the video he posted :”The memories are still fresh when you rejoiced over the “journalistic” achievements of “Shamarlitiko”. I do not know these patriotic boys who spat in Borjan’s face, but well done to them”.

On this status, Boban Nonkovic, a correspondent for the state news agency MIA left a comment and wrote: “The boy stuck a cheesy one on him, the son of a spy…. it will go well with his salad”.

Similar situations have occurred to the recent CEO of the “Open Society” Foundation, Vladimir Milčin, and to journalist and columnist Branko Trichkovski.

Young boys with hoods visited Branko Trichkovski at his home, and said to him, “Trichkovski, you should be ashamed. Traitor!” Trichkovski did not react, he just shut the door.

A similar situation happened to Vladmir Milčin a few days ago. A young boy sitting on a bench outside his home asked him, “Why won’t you join the Macedonian people in the protest?”

“The boy was sitting on a bench outside the house we live in. He didn’t wear a cap. He had in his hand an “Android” telephone. When Ema and I left the house, he got up and said to me: “Mr Milčin, why won’t you join the Macedonian people in the protest?” I replied that I do not go to places where journalists are beaten up. To this, he muttered an anthological sentence: “At the moment, no-one is being beaten up!” This was yesterday, a short time before the incident occurred with the young boy who spat at Borjan”, wrote Milčin.

Journalist, Katerina Blazevska also had to read Facebook statuses with personal insults and obscene comments written by the owner of the web portal “Infomaks”, Natalija Ivcheva.

She wrote: “To the honourable people who are daily marching in defense of the unitary of Macedonia, which according to that police knocked-up Katerina Blazevska, were all drunks. According to her “standing next to a monument with a glass of rakilja, they think they are defending Macedonia”.

I want to ask Blazevska the following:

-What was Shilegov like after a litre of “booze”, after he stood outside the government building shouting how people should be slaughtered?
-What drugs was Ljumi taking when he was yelling as he was thrown out of the institution?
-So Blazevska, do you really want to continue discussing alcohol?

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