401.598 euros have been raised through the Red Cross ‘Solidarity Fund’ and telephone donations


So far, 9.630.333 denars (156.590 euros) have been collected on the account of the Solidarity fund of the Red Cross, and from the 100 denar telephone donations to the number: 075/070/077 143 400 a further 8.918.000 denars (145.008 euros) have been donated, they have stated. “Pivara Skopje” and the “Coca-Cola” company yesterday donated a total of 401.598 euros.

“Today we will receive yesterday’s donation from “Pivara Skopje” and the “Coca-Cola” company, so we expect that the solidarity fund will be significantly higher”, said Aleksandra Ristovski from the Red Cross.

For the funds to be allocated to the families in need, firstly teams will go out into the field and assess the damage.

“The Red Cross will not allocate the funds. Families in need will receive money after teams have carried out field inspections and the damage will be assessed by representatives from the Municipality of Gazi Baba, the state and experts”, added Ristovski.

She went on to say that in the last four days teams from the Red Cross have distributed the following:

• 8.283 food packages (1 package = 4 people)
• 818 packages for hygiene
• 60 tons of water
• 350 diapers
• 394 matresses
• 1.078 blankets
• 598 kilos of clothing
The whole operation involved 80 people, volunteers and expert services from the Red Cross and seven mobile teams for first aid. The Red Cross has activated its full potential in logistics.

Regarding the allegations of a ‘selective approach’ by the Red Cross, in which they give, the organisation said that they work on a principle where there is sharing from house to house so that no families were left out.

“The number of the 8.283 packages distributed tells us alone that it was not carried out selectively. Out in the field, there are many people who are not under the jurisdiction of our organisation, however, the teams from the red cross help with a selective approach”, added Ristovski.

The Red Cross appeals for people to donate canned and baby food, diapers, drinking water, products for hygiene, disinfectant, shovels, rubber boots, buckets, rubber gloves and torches.

All donations and assistance can be delivered to Red Cross warehouses at Momin Potok and at the Primary School “Naum Naumovski Borche” Skopje, from 8:00am-18:00pm.

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