At last nights protest outside Parliament, 7 police officers were injured and 25 demonstrators were detained, stated the MOI. More details will follow today.

“At yesterdays protest in Skopje, some of the protesters used explosive devices and violently pushed the protective fence, while forcefully trying to  enter Parliament. In order to prevent the situation escalating and a violent incursion of the Parliament building, and acting in accordance with rules and regulation, the police used tear gas”, said the Interior Ministry.

The Interior Ministry emphasized that while it respects the right to peaceful protest, it will not allow the use of force and violent attack, as well as disturbance of public order and peace, and appeals for a democratic way of expressing public opinion.

The protests were organized via social media networks after an agreement was signed by Macedonia and Greece yesterday to resolve the 27-year-old name dispute. The name of Macedonia will be Northern Macedonia (erga omnes).