Mizo: We don’t negotiate the wages with foreign investors

Shtip, 26 August, 2015 - 15:14 (META) 

The standard incentive packet that was given to Technical Textile, the foreign investment that was promoted today in Shtip, includes a tax relief for personal income and relief for corporate taxes for a period of 10 years, including 500,000 towards the investment of 15 million that will employ at least 300 people.

The director of the technological-industrial zones Viktor Mizo said the company will get the subventions after it hires 300 people.

Asked whether the government will ask for higher wages when negotiating with foreign investors, the TIRZ Director said they cannot do that.

-The Government can’t control the wages. The price of labor is created by the market. It is normal that both sides should find a figure that is acceptable to both- the employer and the employee. But if you are looking at the pay in companies that operate in the zones, like Technical Textiles, regarding wages in Shtip, those wages are higher than the minimum wage but also higher than the average in that industry. Foreign companies are much more concerned with the productivity of employees- concluded Mizo.