Association of Journalists of Macedonia is seriously concerned by information that Ivana Kostovska, editor-in-chief of the web portal “” and web portal in English “”, resigned.

“On 16th of February Kostovska informed the responsible at company “Media Print Macedonia” in written that management is pushing her to publish or hide information on the two media for which she is responsible. AJM reminds that freedom of the media is undeniable and the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia prohibits censorship. Such pressure from the management of the media on the editors violates the credibility and trust of media in the eyes of the public and violates the right of citizens to be objectively informed. AJM reminds that journalists have the right and duty to prevent censorship and distortion of news. The actions of editor Kostovska are a brave act in the spirit of the ethical and professional standards of journalistic profession for which we strongly support her. This is the way the editors have to cope with the pressures when media owners are trying to shape editorial policy,” reads the statement of AJM.