The lost time to be compensated through a stronger dedication of the government and the public administration towards the current reforms and with a greater inclusion of the citizens in the process of reforms. Everyone bears the responsibility for the country’s advancement, said the Head of the EU’s delegation in Skopje, Samuel Žbogar.

Regarding the acceptance of the Action program of the European Commission about Macedonia for the year 2017 and the signing of the Agreement for financing the annual program for IPA 2016 between the European Union and the Macedonian Government with which Macedonia will receive 72,3 million of euros from the EU, the EU’s ambassador stated that it is a clear evidence of the EU’s dedication towards Macedonia’s accession into the big European family.

Since 2007, states the EU’s delegation in Skopje, Macedonia has received over 1 billion euros for key reforms and infrastructure, and until 2020, 250 more million euros will be allocated.