The real Anticorruption Commission is in VMRO-DPMNE!


Along with “anticorruptioners”, who today gave a sworn statement before Trajko Veljanoski, party anticorruption commission of VMRO-DPMNE, which is said to be “the real anticorruption commission,” also functions!

Hence the doubts whether the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption is not only a cover for the work of the anticorruption commission that works within the governing party.

Within VMRO-DPMNE, head of this commission is Vancho Kargov. His phone is unavailable for few days now.

Anticorruption Commission of VMRO

According to unofficial information of META, this commission serves to monitor the operation of officials and party leaders. But we didn’t receive an official response from VMRO-DPMNE.

There is also a confirmation that such a commission exists on the website of the party.

Although we contacted several people from the ruling party, nobody wanted to help us verify if any of the officials of VMRO-DPMNE was ever caught in illegal business and corruption and how many people from the party are sanctioned and how.

There is no information about whether anticorruption commission within VMRO-DPMNE reviews and investigates cases which SDSM publishes in the “bombs” and whether the commission knew about shady business of Bitola mayor Vladimir Taleski and about Koce Trajanovski, Mayor of Skopje, for whom, Minister of the Interior, in one of the published audio recordings, according to the opposition, said he was “a supporter of all shady deals.”

According to the reports of the media in 2013, when Kargov was elected head of this party commission, its members included professionals, experts, professors, members of academic environment and public figures who have professional capacity to contribute to the continuous improvement of policies of VMRO DPMNE in each of these areas.

“The role of the commissions of VMRO-DPMNE is in direction of exchanging ideas, following global trends, application of positive and effective policies, continuous compliance with policies and regulations of the European Union, maintaining professional contacts with specific organizations and associations in each of the areas separately and establishing direct contact with citizens,” stated the party at the time.

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