Trajcevski: The portals do not need to regulate, but only to register


It is impossible to regulate internet portals, said Zoran Trajcevski, the director of the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual media services( AAVMU) on today’s public meeting, on which he presented the activities for the fourth quarter with a focus on media monitoring for the local elections.

“It is not about regulation, but mostly about registration and notification. We think that it is impossible to implement regulation on this kind of media. We as a Agency, have commissioned research on these new media about the situation in comparison to other countries. It was supposed to be paid by the Agency through a public procurement but we got the Council of Europe approval and they will implement it in a brief, reasonable period, perhaps by the end of the first quarter of net year and by then we will have objective, impartial opinion from experts that will not offer us solution, but will give as a picture of the situation in this field in other countries,” said Trajcevski of the forth and the last public meeting for 2017 of the Agency.

He reminded us that they have so far stated that AAVMU can not conduct an optional monitoring of the portals that are being carried out.

The theme for internet portals has been actualized yesterday on the debate” Determining the need for possible changes in the Law on Media” that was organized by the Ministry of Information Society and Administration (MISA) and the Minister without Portfolio, in charge of communications, accountability and transparency, Robert Popovski.

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