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Tag: уставен суд

The Constitutional Court will debate the return of amnesty for electoral fraud

Tomorrow the Constitutional Court has a session scheduled for 9:00 am, and as the third item on the agenda are the amendments for amnesty, where the President of the country will be able to pardon persons convicted of electoral fraud, it said on the website of the court. With the amendments made in 2009, the President can not pardon persons convicted...

Todor Petrov requires assessment of the constitutionality of the Special Prosecution

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia confirmed that they have reached a new initiative to assess the constitutionality of the Special Prosecutor who submitted it to the President of the World Macedonian Congress, Todor Petrov, reported "Alsat M". Therefore, the Constitutional Court now has two requests which could take Katica Janeva down, and hew work with her. Such an...