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Glorification and support for the teenage murderer – How TikTok content presented the massacre in Serbia?

Author: Goshe Nikolov “Only a genius can kill 9 young persons; he is a genius”. This is a statement from the social network TikTok, written above the photographs of 13-year old K.K. from Serbia, accused for murdering a total of 9 persons – eight students and a school security guard. The video has almost 620.000 views and over 90.000 likes. The user-account...

At least 14 immigrants were killed in an accident on the railroad Veles – Skopje

At least 14 illegal immigrants died last night after they were hit by train on the railroad Veles - Skopje, report the media. The tragedy, according to initial reports, occurred near the standpoint Pchinja, when international train came across the 50-member group that was moving in the direction towards Belgrade. As "24 News" reports, the terrain where the accident occurred was...