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The draft budget for 2018 is 3.4 billion euros, the excise tax on oil will increase

The draft budget for 2018 is worth 3.4 billion euros, announced Minister of Finances Dragan Tevdovski. Today, he presented the figures to the public, civil society organizations and representatives of the chambers of commerce. The budget deficit is planned at 2.7% of the domestic gross product versus 2.9% last year. This, as Tevdovski said, is aimed at gradually reducing the debt...

The euro comes closer to the dollar

The value of the euro fell to a minimum in the last ten years against the US dollar. In addition, the price of European oil “Brent” today fell below 50 dollars a barrel for the first time since 2009. This morning, the euro against the dollar is trading in Europe at 1.1842 dollars. The slowdown of global growth and increase...

Oil prices are falling

Due to the growth of production in Russia and Iraq, the price of oil on the world’s markets continues to fall. Currently, the value of a barrel of Brent crude oil is 56.42 dollars, which is 1.58 percent less than yesterday.

Citizens won’t benefit from the cheaper oil

The fall in the price of oil on world markets and the reduction of fuel prices on the domestic market is not expected to unburden the budget of the citizens, because there is little or no impact on the prices of retail products, think the experts contacted by META. According to Professor Atanasko Tunevski, the fall in the price of...