Vranishkovski released from prison

Скопје, 2 February, 2015 - 19:18 (META) 

Tonight Jovan Vranishkovski was released from prison “Idrizovo” after the Court of Appeal rejected the appeal of the prosecution for his parole.

“Acting on the appeal of the Public Prosecution for prosecution of organized crime and corruption against the decision of the Criminal Council of the Basic Court Skopje 1 – Skopje for parole of convicted Jovan Vranishkovski, Court of Appeal Skopje issued a decision rejecting the appeal as unfounded. Court of Appeal found that the trial court acted properly when, in accordance with Article 200-203 of the Law on Execution of Sanctions and Article 36 of the Criminal Code, accepted the proposal of the Director of the PI “Idrizovo” Skopje for parole of convicted Jovan Vranishkovski, now imprisoned in the PI “Idrizovo”, reads the statement of the court.

On 12th of January, Criminal Court decided to parole Vranishkovski, but the prosecution, although initially said Vranishkovski meets the requirements for parole, after a few days to appeal the decision of the criminal court.

Vranishkovski remains in prison

Скопје, 19 January, 2015 - 16:31 (META) 

Jovan Vranishkovski will not get out of prison today, reports TV “24 Vesti”. Prosecution appealed to the decision to parole Vranishkovski at the last moment. Until the application of the prosecution is taken into consideration, he will remain in prison. Last week, prosecution announced that they will appeal to the decision for the release of the priest, but it changed the decision shortly before the announced release of Vranishkovski.