“The SDSM for months have wanted to show a false image to the public that there is a huge number of so-called phantom voters, once they said 30,000, then thy said 100,000 and now the number has reached half a million,” reads the statement from the VMRO-DPMNE.

“Yesterday, the SDSM terrorized the SEC, using all means and manipulation in an attempt to obtain a higher number of citizens to be subject to verification and checks, just to ‘check’ if some of them are turn out to be phantom voters. In order not to waste time with unproductive debates, quarrels, arguments, threats and the harassment of citizens with various misinformation, the VMRO-DPMNE wants not the SDSM and the SEC know, 150,000 or 160,000, but even 2 million, whatever the number, if they really want to check and 150,000 or 160,000 let them check. Check whatever you need to check, however, you’ll have your answer on June the 5th”, says the ruling party.