The State Election Commission (SEC) today announced the list of voters by name, surname and address who are being going through field checks.

The list is available on the official website of the SEC.

At yesterday’s session, all members voted on the proposal by VMRO-DPMNE member, Silvana Boneva and DPA member Bedredin Ibrahimim to publish the list of names who will be subjected to field checks. The reason behind this, as they said, would give the whole process transparency. At the session, there were 5 votes “for” and 4 “against.

The Municipality of Cair, Butel and Suto Orizari interviewers have to check 17,000 disputable voters. More than 11,000 disputable voters in Kumanovo and the Lipkovo region, nearly 7,000 in Skopje’s neighborhoods of Centar and Aerodrom, Karpos and Tetovo 6,000 and 4,000 questionable voters in Bitola.
Members of the SEC, decided to increase the number of interviewers, from 376 to 488 to make sure the process runs faster.

Along with the interviewers in the field ,there are observers from the four main political parties, the SEC have said that no-one has the right to get involved in the communication between the interviewers and people who are being surveyed during field checks.

Field checks should be finished by April 3.