SPO opens seven new cases: “Foreign services”, travel expenses, procurement of equipment…


The Special Prosecutor’s Office announced that it has opened seven new investigations against 17 people, suspected of abusing their official duties, fraud and other crimes.

In the case code named “Foreign Services“, two individuals are suspected of abusing their official position and authority. One individual is a former head of department of operational technique of the UBK, and the second, an assistant minister. They are suspected of having procured equipment from a foreign company in a record time that damaged the state budget. The purpose of the procurement was to confirm the thesis of the leadership at the time, of the existence of foreign services that carry out mass wiretapping.

Fetai explained that the procedure was initiated at the request of the second suspect, who on December 16th, 2014, requested the purchase of the equipment, and the first suspect on December 19th made a decision, put a commission together and prepared himself. He made three offers as if they were submitted by foreign companies, and they were manually filled by the same person.

On December 24th, 2014, the decision for the most favorable bid was made and it was concluded with the foreign company that previously prepared the mentioned report, that is, with its representative who, by coincidence, was in Skopje that day. The equipment was delivered in May 2015.

The second case is code named “Drumarina” (travel expences, toll fees) is about a former MP illegally taking over 100,000 euros for alleged travel expenses.

In the “X-ray” investigation, the then Minister of Health was suspected of abuse in the procurement of an X-ray and other radiology equipment for 4 institutions.

In the “Producer” investigation, they suspect from 2009 to 2012 the then Minister of Agriculture concluded a contract with “Smart Center” DOOEL Skopje for 50,000 euros for the production of the “Colour of Money” program on Sitel TV.

The “Leaders” investigation has been opened by wiretapped conversation between two leaders of political parties, arranging for the demolition of illegal objects.
The suspect in this case is the developer of the building, that is, the house built between November 2011 and September 2013, in front of the US Embassy.

The sixth case announced by the SPO is “Tariff 2“, which concerns the abuse of software installation at ELEM (Macedonian Power Plants).

The seventh and last case is “Transporter 2“, where the former mayor of Bitola, Vladimir Taleski, the secretary of the municipality, five drivers and three primary school principals who were not part of the first “Transporter” case, are again suspected.

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