I am convinced that the new candidates for ministers in the domain of finance and the improvement of investment climate will present a serious reinforcement of government’s capacity especially in this precious period for this country that will never be repeated when an accession into EU and NATO is expected, said today Prime Minister Zoran Zaev as he was elaborating why he proposed Nina Angelovska as a Minister of Finance and Hisen Dzamaili as a Minister without portfolio.

As part of the 110th session, Kiril Kolemishevski was proposed as Deputy Minister of Economy, Elizabeta Naumovska as Deputy – Minister of Education and Science and Nedzat Mehmedovik as Deputy Minister for Political System and Communities’ Relations.

In the aftermath of Zaev’s presentation of the new ministers, VMRO-DPMNE’s Ilija Dimovski demanded that he resign.

“At this moment it would be best both for the country, the citizens and SDSM if this political agony ends quickly. It is time for you to resign and you don’t have to connect that with your political and moral responsibility” said Dimovski.

To this Zaev replied that unlike during the rule of VMRO-DPMNE, the Prime Minister is now the person that reported the case Racket, a completely independent and transparent work of the public prosecution is allowed, without any obstacle, through an investigation, in order to prove all the arguments.

The MPs have to elect a new Vice Governor of the National Bank, a position for which Fadil Bajrami was proposed.