Environmentalists demand urgent stop of gas pipeline construction on Vodno

The excavators that are working on the building of the gas pipelines across the forests of Vodno have reached a terrain that is bluff and impassable, which will cause any further building activities to become an absurd building venture and are jeopardizing the lives of the workers, state the environmental civil associations that gathered to support the “I Love Vodno” initiative.

“After a monthly fight of complaints, we have reached the abyss, both literal and figurative” states the press release.

They are warning that the excavators near the village of Shishevo are on the edge of the abyss, that they will be working on an extremely difficult terrain where at some parts, the slope is 63 to 71% of the terrain and are asking whether the workers should carry the excavator into the abyss, as that is where the pipelines are headed.

“Do we need casualties to happen in order to stop this madness – a pipeline through Vodno by all means. Only then will the government, the institutions, the inspectorates will stress all of the irregularities and will stop the building? asks “I Love Vodno” initiative members.

They remind that up to now they have lodged 30 petitions, complaints to institutions where they have stressed about the irregularities, but until now, none have reacted to the numerous irregularities and illegal procedure during the building of the pipeline along the protected zone across Vodno.