The Council of Public Prosecutors decided unanimously that all conditions are met to set in motion the procedure for the dismissal of the Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva, informed today when the session was over, the President of the Council of Public Prosecutors, Kole Shterjev.

“Regarding what was done, the Council has to prepare a Report with the determined situation and to submit it at the Parliament which, in accordance with its authorizations, will continue with the procedure. Until this moment, the decision is unanimous that we shall start a procedure of dismissal and we shall try during the current day to finish the report that will be submitted to the Parliament either today or tomorrow” said Shterjev.

He also said that the report will contain a part of the statement that according to them are significant for the Parliament to have an overview and the determined facts in order to be able to decide further, to suggest to the Council a dismissal or not to propose.

“It will continue enough information that the law demands in order for the procedure to continue” said Shterjev.