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Sekerinska: VMRO-DPMNE are afraid of loosing the Ministry of Interior

VMRO-DPMNE fears the three great points of the Przhino Agreement, the"bombs", an investigation into all atrocities and the loss of the Ministry of Interior (MOI). These were the key points of SDSM's debate in Bitola where Vice President of the party, Radmila Sekerinska spoke. If VMRO-DPMNE really believes in the peoples support why do they keep running away from a...

Zaev: Administration employees will not be laid off, but reallocated

Parliamentary questions once a week instead of once a month, accounting for all budgetary and public companies for their expenses and their websites, within a certain period of time owners are to report all offshore companies and accounts, these are just some of the measures SDSM envisages in its program, that in the next five weeks will be open...