With the euphoria that erupted in the country after the formation of the parliamentary majority, the election of a new Parliament Speaker and the yesterday’s granting of the mandate for forming a new government, there has been no mention of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, it has vanished from the narrative including the extention of its mandate for filing charges.

The Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva and her team have one month (until the 4th of June i.e. 30th of June) for starting investigations for cases that are related to SDSM’s bombs or have come out of that the illegal wiretapping communications. According to the current Law, the SPO has 18 months starting from “the takeover of the case” for starting or closing investigations and charges. Apparently, the SPO took over the cases and the materials from the Public Prosecution and SDSM twice, on the 4th of December 2015 and 30th of December 2015.

At the start of the month, the SPO confirmed for Meta that so far it has publicly appealed for the necessity of changing the deadline for filing charges and that they expect all subjects to see the necessity and provide concrete support.

Still, statements by SDSM, including the statements of the party leader, Zoran Zaev, during this period have not mentioned the initiative for extending the SPO’s mandate but they are dominated by announcements for a complete re-election of judges and reforms in the judiciary.

The SPO’s work and messages for its support are absent from reactions, greetings, and messages from members of the European Union and the US, after the latest incidents in Macedonia. They call for a quick formation of a new government, implementing urgent reformatory priorities and for returning the country towards Euro-Atlantic integrations, however the SPO has not been mentioned at all.