On the occasion of tomorrow’s talks in Brussels and the latest statement by Commissioner Johannes Hahn, 61 civic organizations submitted a written reaction to the international community, in which they remind of the red lines which cannot be crossed during the negotiations.

– The letter include the latest statement of Commissioner Johannes Hahn, which we consider unprincipled and vane given that he give qualification for the last parliamentary elections in 2014 were held in a democratic atmosphere. We want to remind that the reports of OSCE and ODIHR noted a series of remarks on the electoral process, starting with the selective approach of the media, persecution of opponents and non-division between the state and the party. In the letter, we remind that our attitude is Gruevski to resign and not be part of the transitional government, and before the start of the operation of that government, some structural reforms should be carried out, i.e. independent public prosecutor to be appointed, MRT to be freed from the grip of the Government and voter list to be purged – says Uranija Pirovska, president of the Helsinki Committee.

The letter says that the EU has a special responsibility in the implementation of European values, such as democracy, rule of law and protection of human rights and that the EU and the United States have the responsibility for peace and stability in Macedonia.

– Yesterday, 10 civil society organizations faced their truth and received evidence that they were tapped and that the government knew their every step. Government that eavesdrop on its citizens and civil sector, which is opinionated, and which calls its citizens “Indians” and “little men” has to go – says Marjan Zabrchanec from platform for civil politics “Ajde.”

From tomorrow’s talks, civil society organizations expect to ensure a process that will provide stability and democracy in Macedonia, not a process that will help to develop someone’s political career.

Within the 53 session, the Assembly today passed amendments to the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance that allows seniority to be redeemed.